In additional to our regular pattern of Sunday Worship, we also meet as a church family at other times during the week to worship God together.

Holy Communion

On Thursdays at 10am there is a short spoken service held in the church. This is usually a service of Holy Communion and there are no hymns.

Prayer Meetings

On Tuesdays at 8.30am there is a short spoken service of morning prayer held in the church. There are no hymns at this service.

On Fridays at 8.30am we meet together with members of other local churches, expressing our Christian unity, to pray for the needs of the town. The location of these meetings varies – sometimes we meet in a church building, sometimes at The Manors or The Spetchells Centre. Sometimes we walk around town as we pray!

On the first Friday of the month, the meeting is usually held at St Mary Magdalene church.

The location of the Friday prayer meeting is published on our weekly pew sheet. Copies are freely available to collect from the back of church or the Church Office can help you receive a copy by e-mail.