We wish our warmest CONGRATULATIONS to anyone reading this page who has recently become engaged. We would love for you to have your wedding at St Mary Magdalene church!

At St Mary Magdalene church we love weddings and we are delighted that you are considering having a service in church as part of your marriage celebrations. God loves marriage and the Bible talks about it all the time. From start to finish, it is the picture that we are constantly shown to help us see how much God loves us – His Bride, the Church.

Choosing to make your marriage vows in church will add something special to your day that couldn’t be the same in a civil ceremony. For you it may be the sense of connection with previous generations of your family who have been married in the same place. It may be that our church building holds other memories for you – family funerals, baptisms or services of remembrance.

Perhaps you would like to feel that you’ve been “married before God”. The Bible teaches us that God is present everywhere – in a registry office just as much as a church! But perhaps your wedding day would feel more special because you’ve come to God to ask Him to join your two lives together. If so, we would be delighted to help you to do that!

A church wedding doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. There are some specific legal requirements for Church of England weddings which you should familiarise yourself with. But these are not overly complex and the vicar will be delighted to help you make sure everything is in order. Our wedding brochure outlines all the practical considerations and the current fees.

If you’d like to proceed to book a wedding, please get in touch with the vicar, Rev Daniel Freyhan, and he will arrange a time to meet with you.

You can also download the latest Wedding Brochure, which answers lots of common questions and gives information about costs.

If you’d like to get married, but don’t think you can afford it, then please do speak to Dan. We may be able to help…